Rochanne L. Vincent (Shellie) M.S.W.

Shellie Vincent is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has served in the field of mental health since 2007 in a variety of service levels.  She received her Bachelor of Arts from Duquesne University in 2006 and graduated with a Master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work in 2010. 

Shellie has served individuals ranging from age 2 through late stage of life in both individual and family settings.  Her belief that individuals strive to reach their desired potential while interpreting and managing life experiences, guides her use of cognitive behavioral techniques, dialectical behavioral techniques, as well as trauma-informed care in her work.  She also has experience with Parent-Child Interaction Therapy as well as Applied Behavioral Analysis.  

Currently Shellie is a part of the Keystone Crisis Intervention Team and is a member of Mediators Beyond Borders assisting with trauma-informed care in post-conflict healing in communities across the globe.  Her focus is client centered, as she works collaboratively with the individuals served to create goals for service. 

Her continued education and research interests are in the field of trauma and trauma related interventions for both individuals and communities.  During her free time, She enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family and participating in a variety of activities.